Update 1.4.1 [03.10.2022]

The following updates were implemented:

- Interior adjustments vor houses
- Grounds on fallout shouldn't disappear any longer
- Renamed a property which had an invalid name
- Tuning is now being saved
- Pickups should not disappear any longer
- AFK Command Spam bug fixed
- Adjusted some chat messages in german language file
- If you press 2 in race, your car now gets fixed
- Gang member counter for gangwars should work properly now
- Fixed gangwar kill counter
- Improved Buy and Sell of weed
- Fixed general bugs in drift world
- Fixed Taxi mission
- Implemented anti fast kill check
- Weed can now only be planted in free world instead of interiors etc.
- You now cannot teleport with planes and boats any longer
- Improved performance

Have fun!