Update 1.4 [28.08.2022]

The following updates were implemented:

- Added a new language: Meddlfränkisch
- Added new car dealers
- You can now tow vehicles by using /Tow or pressing 2 (requires V.I.P. level 1)
- Gangtag should be fixed now
- Added /Carlock to lock your car as driver
- Skins are now spawned randomly instead of a fixed spawn per skin
- Race times are now limited to 10 minutes to prevent people blocking the race
- If you die in freeroam, your weapons are being dropped (for 15 seconds only)
- You can't spawn your car inside your house any longer
- Shortened a few commands (e.g. /Pur for /Pursuit, /GG for GunGame etc.)
- In some DM areas, your health will be re-filled after killing another player
- After finishing a race, you will now see your total time for a few seconds in the middle of the screen
- Race positions are now shown below the chat
- Some adjustments on admin rights and privileges
- Adjusted gungame leveling
- While creating races, you are now allowed to teleport to different locations
- If you get dropped out of the derby or shooter, you can now randomly spectate left players
- Added teleports to Monaco and Hockenheimring race map
- Finally added /Removeskin command
- VIPSkin shouldn't be reset after dying any longer
- Admins do now get a notification if a player uses /Admins
- Fixed bugs with beach/striptease actors
- Fixed the spawns in fallout which sometimes occured if a player has a high ping
- New minigame: /Onehit DM -> A new DM arena where you only have 1hp
- New minigame: /Fire DM -> A new DM arena where you have a flamethrower and molotov cocktails
- New minigame: /Drift -> A new minigame to earn drifting points with toptimes

Have fun! Note: This is a particially untested update, so a few bugs might occur. Please let me know if anything is wrong. Another update is coming soon which finishes these changes.