Version 1.2.1 [15.07.2022]

The following updates were implemented:

In the past few weeks, a couple of bug fixes and small improvements were implemented. Here's a list:

Small updates:
- You can now delete the last set checkpoint in race creator
- Improved spawns in mapped races
- Race will be auto stopped after 10 minutes to prevent players to block the race for too long
- Weed objects are now removed after they get picked up
- You can now tune cars during the race countdown
- You should now be unfreezed after you got released from jail
- Performing an unfreeze bug in house while being AFK shouldn't be possible any longer
- Fixed a bug that caused the race to be broken after a gang member started a gangwar
- When the server is empty, the server restarts automaticially to prevend bugs
- Fixed "My first words" achievement
- You now won't get kicked anymore when pressing ESC accidently on login screen
- Added new skins to select
- Fixed a bug in /Fallout that caused high ping players to fall through objects

Have fun!