Update 1.2 [17.06.2022]

The following updates were implemented:

This is the first big update since almost one year. Besides the listed updated, we also added the server to the hosted tab list!

Small updates:
- Offline season win fixed
- Players with VIP level 3 can now finally own planes and helicopters
- /Seasons dialog fixed
- Derby maps fixed
- Tutorial bugfixes
- Small server adjustments
- Ban improvements
- Lots of new stuntmaps
- Taximission (enter a taxi and press 2 to start)
- Added 1vs1 duel (/Duel)
- Added a few new VIP features (Neon, Laser, SAM, Numberplate)
- /Loadrace can now be used by raceadmins too
- Added ~90 achievements (/Achievements)

Weed system: Become a drug lord and grow and sell your own marijuana. You can buy seeds for your plantations from a /Drugdealer at any time. Once some time has passed, you can collect the grown weed and sell it either to a drug dealer or to other players. But be careful: Your plantation can be found and used by any player. So hide your plantation well!

However, if you are not interested in becoming a drug dealer, you can simply smoke the weed yourself and enjoy the effect of consumption by using /Smokeweed.

New minigame: Save The Hostage: In Save The Hostage you will be assigned to either the terrorist team or the counterterrorist team at the start. If you play as a terrorist, your task is to prevent the hostage from escaping or to prevent the counterterrorists from freeing the hostage. If you play as an counterterrorist, you have to free the hostage on the terrorists' captivity. If you die, you respawn accordingly either at the terrorist spawn or at the counterterrorist spawn.

The game lasts 7 minutes. If the hostage has not been freed by the counterterrorists by the end of the time, the terrorists win. Otherwise, the counterterrorists win as soon as the hostage is "delivered" to the checkpoint at the counterterrorist spawn.

New Minigame: Fallout:
Be the last survivor on the platforms of the fallout! Every second a platform falls down. If you are the last one left on one of the remaining platforms, you win the game.

The spawns are randomly distributed. So are the falling platforms.

Have fun!