Version 1.0.5 [04.03.2021]

The following updates were implemented:

- People now should not get kicked anymore by clicking on "Spawn" too fast
- Player color bug in pursuit was fixed
- /Speedo is now saved
- /DM counter should be fine now
- Fixed a bug that occured when someone died during a race creation
- Previously used cars for race creation should now be gone after canceling the race creator
- Gang Payday should work now - Sometimes, the vehicle id was not saved while creating a race. That should be fixed now
- Player counter for each minigame should be fine now
- /Myprops property counter should be fixed now
- Property payday should be stable now
- If someone enters a zone where a gangwars is in progress, but you are not part of any of both gangs, you shouldn't be ejected from your vehicle anymore