Version 1.0.3 [01.03.2021]

The following updates were implemented:

- Races do start now instantly when a player is alone on the server or if every other player except yourself is AFK
- Admins can now load races by using /Loadrace
- House prices were adjusted
- You have a spawn protection of a few seconds after every race
- Pursuit: Cops are now colored in blue, the hunted player is colored in red. That makes it easier to see who is who now
- Added textdraw for FPS and packet loss at the top right corner
- You can use /FPS and /PL to see other people's FPS and Packet Loss
- /Stats shows now which language the player has set for himself
- You can now doubleclick a player in TAB to see the player's statistics
- You can now set a /Bounty to any player
- Dialogs at /Cars1-3 are now prettier than they used to be
- /DM does now display a player counter for each DM zone
- If you enter a vehicle which is wanted from the export, you will get a notification that you can export the vehicle