Version 1.0.1 [28.02.2021]

The following updates were implemented:

- Long PMs caused the server to crash - is now fixed
- /Macronix does only work for Macronix from now :D
- Sometimes, a player's score was not stored to the database - should be fixed now
- Player counter for /Fun should be fine now
- Player counter for /Pursuit is now fixed
- People won't get kicked for airbreaking by using speed boost in /Fun anymore
- Fixed an anticheat weapons hack bug when people leave a deathmatch
- If there's a race with more than one lap, the last CP of each lap was pointing to a wrong direction
- should be fixed now - Races are now loaded randomly
- Hitsound bug fixed
- You now loose only $200 instead of $400 when you die
- You now have to pay only $200 to teleport
- You now gain $1200 for each kill
- In races, the next checkpoint is now shown on the mini map