Version 1.1.2 [21.03.2021]

The following updates were implemented:

- Fixed some Shooter bugs
- Fixed some Derby bugs
- You will now get rewarded by making a Top 2-5 record too (yet only Top 1 was rewarded)
- Air-Races are now officially supported (different checkpoints, pressing 2 doesn't teleport you back any longer)
- Fixed /Speedo (at least particially, I couldn't reproduce everything)
- Vehiclename should now be shown even if your speedo is turned off
- Fixed property payday and gang pay day (sometimes people didn't get their money, should be fine now)
- Pursuit improvement: You now hear crime reports when a cop is close to a player
- AFK players do now have godmode
- Moved the damage textdraw a little bit because it was too close to the location textdraw
- After a moneybag was exported, next round starts after 5 instead of 10 minutes
- Using /Cancel in /Fun should now work fine. Yet it sometimes happened that players were bugged after leaving /Fun