Version 1.0.7 [09.03.2021]

The following updates were implemented:

- You now get more score and money after exporting a vehicle than before
- If nobody exported a vehicle after 15 minutes, another export round starts instantly. There will only be a short break after a successful export.
- Pursuit: resetting colors should now be fixed
- Number of exported vehicles and number of owned properties are now shown in /Stats
- If somebody is already AFK and a gangwar starts in the zone where the AFK stands, he will not get kicked any longer
- Small adjustments of the german language file (Moneybag, /Season)
- Death list should now look better if you killed a player with a new UGMP weapon (Thank you TwisT3R!)
- Fixed house and property textdraw (hopefully :D)
- Fixed a bug that occured when your gang starts a gangwar while you are in a minigame
- Weather does now update every minute instead of every hour
- Adjustment of the FPS and packet loss textdraw