History of [USL]

History of [USL] - United Samp Legionnaires Clan:

On 8.5.2020 [USL] was founded by N1ght, DarkZero, BOBfogel, SHoN_BeToN and DarkJoker. After a long time without real activity in SA-MP (San Andreas Multiplayer), due to the Corona crisis, some previous german SA-MP players came together again on the Street Bizz of [AMB].

After a few days of relatively active interaction, N1ght and DarkZero, who stayed in contact during the SA-MP break, came up with the idea to try again and start a new clan.

The idea behind [USL] was to open a clan for mostly old and semi-active SA-MP players again and to provide a quiet and loyal environment.

In the first phase of preparation some founding members could be found with BOBfogel, DarkJoker and SHoN_BeToN, who all contributed to building the clan structure.

The forum was set up, ideas about clan structure were collected and implemented and on 8.5.2020 [USL] was officially launched.

Since then [USL] exists and a lot has happened. New members were won, some had to leave the clan again, the clan showed more or less presence and could get together every now and then for some fun game rounds.

Especially the Las Venturas Strip All vs All tournament is in the focus of our history, which we organized and led together with our friends of the [AMB] clan. The winner was happy about a prize of 50€. At least since the tournament, [USL] was known outside the rest of the German SA-MP players.

After this tournament it became a little bit more quiet around the clan. There were no more applications, no more playing together. Instead, a closer contact with [AMB] developed outside of SA-MP, where they met in other games, such as Pummel Party. Nevertheless, a large part of the [USL] members remained in constant contact via Discord during this phase. The goal to lead a clan without fixed obligations but cohesion proved to be a complete success in this phase, because even the inactive phases did not harm us and rather underlined that we can be a solid group even without SA-MP.

At the beginning of December 2020 the clan decided to restructure itself for the first time. A lot of time and effort was invested in a new forum software, new forum design and restructuring of internal roles. After about a week of time investment, we were able to provide a new forum and also entered into a partnership with the Czech clan [Ds] - Dead Squad Clan during this refactoring phase, with which we are also in close contact since then.

In addition, there are now 2 CW/TG servers from us (one Skinshot, one Lagshot) and with the release of UGMP (Underground Mutliplayer) at Christmas 2020, there was also an opportunity for the clan to expand the range of games. Early after the release of the new San Andreas multiplayer mod, the idea was made to open an own server.

After some time of work it could finally be opened at the end of February 2021 and is running since then.

A lot of time, power and energy was put into this server and we can claim to have created a really great freeroam server. Especially for having worked on it for "only" two months. This effort was appreciated in the course of March in the form that even the project leaders of UGMP visited our server and put it on the official whitelist, on which at this time only two other servers can be found.

Looking back, it can be said that the creation of [USL] gave some old SA-MP veterans a new home and we have all spent a good time together since then nohomo. USL] is of course open to new faces who may not have been in the scene forever and we hope that our clan has a bright future ahead of it and will be present in the online world for as long as possible.

We would like to thank our members, our partners from [Ds] and our friends from [AMB] for their support to make all this possible. We would also like to thank all the participants of the All vs All event as well as the players on our server.

USL Timeline:

  • 08.052020: N1ght, DarkZero, BOBfogel, DarkJoker and SHoN_BeToN form [USL].
  • 19.05.2020: Gh3ttoG4m3R is accepted into the clan
  • 23.05.2020: The founding members DarkJoker and SHoN_BeToN are kicked out of the clan
  • 01.06.2020: Gh3ttoG4m3R becomes a full member of the clan
  • 03.06.2020: Flash is accepted into the clan
  • 23.06.2020: Flash becomes a full member of the clan
  • 29.07.2020: Adler is accepted into the clan
  • 12.08.2020: Adler becomes a full member of the clan
  • 23.08.2020: [USL] and [AMB] start an event together: The Las Venturas Strip All vs. All Tournament
  • 18.12.2020: [USL] and [Ds] start a clan partnership
  • 19.12.2020: [USL] gets a new forum design and a new clan logo
  • 26.12.2020: UG-MP, an alternative to SA-MP is released and [USL] starts working on its own freeroam server
  • 15.01.2021: DarkZero (eliminated in round W1 and L1), Gh3ttoG4m3R (eliminated in round W1 and L2) and Flash (eliminated in round W1 and L2) participate in RSC Sawnoff Battle 2
  • 12.02.2021: eliiMM is accepted into the clan
  • 27.02.2021: The UG-MP freeroamserver is opened
  • 11.03.2021: eliiMM has to leave the clan
  • 16.03.2021: The UG-MP freeroamserver is added to the whitelist, a narrow selection of special servers.
  • 19.03.2021: DarkZero is added to the UG-MP client development team
  • 08.05.2021: [USL] celebrates its first birthday. As a thank you, the clan publishes a best-of video on YouTube.
  • 15.05.2021: Adler and DarkZero meet for the first time in real life
  • 29.05.2021: N1ght and DarkZero meet for the first time in real life
  • 15.06.2021: DarkZero (USL) and Roc8 (Ds) participate together in the RSC Sawnoff Battle 3 and are eliminated in round W1 and L1
  • 26.06.2021: Adler, DeTrY (at that time not yet a member) and DarkZero meet together
  • 11.07.2021: DeTrY is accepted into the clan
  • 24.07.2021: The UG-MP server is moved to SA-MP due to a lawsuit with TakeTwo
  • 29.07.2021: DeTrY becomes a full member of the clan
  • 30.10.2021: N1ght (USL), DarkZero (USL) and Roc8 (Ds) meet for the first time together in real life in Dresden
  • 30.04.2022: DarkZero and Gh3ttoG4m3R play for Germany in the MTA Race National Cup 2022
  • 05.05.2022: Storky is accepted into the clan
  • 07.05.2022: N1ght, DarkZero, DeTrY, Gh3ttoG4m3R and Adler meet together for the first time in Krefeld, on the occasion of the 2nd birthday of [USL].
  • 08.05.2022: [USL] turns two years old!